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america through the united states over to japan where three plates all converge. and that afternoon off japan's northeast coast a terrifying rumble from deep inside earth. >> japan was rocked by a mass i have earthquake, buildings shook, people ran outside to open spaces and fox news radio>> an 8.9 magnitude earthquake 17 dead so far. >> we are getting more as we are speak to go you right now. >> early reports didn't grasp the level of destruction. >> they are urging people to be patient and help each other right now. he said the quake caused major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they were worried about were there nuclear power plants and he said so far those are not affected and there's no radiation leaks. that's certainly a little bit of good news in all of this. >> attention, this is an emergency management message. >> 4,000 miles away in the pacific the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> evacuated and moved virtually everything out of it filing cabinets, computers and we are boarding up all of the windows. i am concerned. >> for more on this let's go to gregg jarrett wh
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2